Unity Power Solution

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of PCC Panels, MCC Panels, APFC Panels, PLC Panels, AMF Panels, UPS Solutions, Active Harmonics Filters, Solar Solutions, Automatic Harmonic Filter Banks, Anti-Harmonic Detuned Reactors, Box / Cylindrical Capacitors, Load Banks, Thyristor Switch Modules (TSM) for RTPFC and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

PCC Panels

PCC Panel

We offer high quality PCC Panel which is made up of high material and advanced technology. It is appreciated for its high performance efficiency, longer functional life and easy installation. Power Control Panel find its application in industries for controlling components. It is easy to install and require low maintenance which makes it highly admirable in the market. We can easily customize this panel in numerous specifications.

MCC Panels

MCC panel is designed to meet a specific requirement of controlling electric motor. All the working parameters of an electric motor are taken into account while designing MCC panel. An automated or manual control are fitted onto the MCC panel to stop or start a motor, to regulate speed, to have reverse or forward movement, to regulate the power and to prevent the electric motor from the hazards of overloads and short circuit protection. All these panels are manufactured with IP standards

MCC Panel

APFC Panels

APFC Panel

We hold expertise in manufacturing of Automatic Power factor Correction Panel. Power factor control is very important in industry and supply systems. Failure to keep good power factor leads to high reactive current, increase in overall current, thereby often poor utilisation of cables and unwanted stress on switchgear. Consumer is therefore penalized for low power factor. It is in the interest of all from generation plants to consumers to have high power factor.

Automatic power factor control panels are more convenient than manual control. For one, it keeps tab on power factor continuously, and switches capacitors in and out of circuit as required. You are assured of good power factor all the time. Best course of action will be to have capacitors connected to individual loads, and then have a centralized APFC panel.

PLC Panels

We hold in manufacturing an extensive range of PLC Panel.  Our offered panel is extensively used in different industries such as wire & cable, steel, packaging and plastic industry. To ensure its flawlessness, this range of panel is tested on various parameters under the supervision of our vendors’ quality controllers. Apart from this, clients can get it from us at rock bottom prices.

PLC Panel

AMF Panels

AMF Panel

Automatic mains failure (AMF) panels, often referred to as automatic transfer switch (ATS) panels, make the power switch to emergency standby generators in the event of a significant loss of mains power or total blackout. Without AMF panels, generators need to be operated manually and that can mean lost data, potential damage to electrical equipment, and huge amounts of disruption.

AMF and ATS panels monitor the incoming AC mains supply, activate the standby generator when mains power fails, and make an automatic electrical transfer of the building’s load from the mains to the generating set. When the mains supply returns, the AMF panel controls a return to the mains supply and shuts down the generator after a suitable cooling run.

UPS Solutions

UNITY POWER SOLUTION which provides UPS to solve energy disruption problems. Our UPS solutions are designed and developed with double conversion technology. These indigenously manufactured machines are preferred all over India and are known for high performance and high quality standards.

UPS Solutions

Active Harmonics Filters

Active Harmonics Filter

Active Harmonic Filters are used for measuring the level of current harmonic in the supply line and eliminates it by generating the counter harmonics. Further, these harmonic filters are checked by our quality controller on various quality parameters and available up to 600 Amps rating. These  Active Harmonic Filters are based on floating point 32 bit DSP and appreciated for their unique features like high attenuation up to 96% of individual harmonics, PF compensation, leading as well as lagging, load balancing, helps in achieving the compliance with power quality regulations and employs high speed IGBT in power circuit.

Range :

  • Quick response time
  • Optimum filtering efficiency
  • Excellent thermal stability

Solar Solutions

We are a highly famous organization involved in trading and service providing a broad assortment of best quality of

  • Solar Water Heater,
  • Solar Panels,
  • Solar Power Plant Installation Service etc.

Our provided products are designed using optimum quality input factors and modern technology based. Our offered products are acclaimed for their features like longevity, damage resistance, and high strength.

Our service offerings are complemented by our experience in the Indian market, and that is what makes our suite of offerings unique and complete.

Solar Solutions

Automatic Harmonic Filter Banks

We offer wide range of APFC Systems that help in energy conservation by reactive power compensation under varying load conditions. These panels are provided with Thyristor/Contactor Controlled Automatic Switching of Capacitor Steps. It controls the Load Power Factor by sensing Load Current, Voltage, Phase difference between them and then analyzing the system using Micro -Processor for the correction of Phase Angle by automatic switching On/Off of Power Capacitor

Solar Solutions

Features :

  • Field proven Robust Design for HT/LT Power Consumers.
  • Built in Automatic - Manual Provision for KVAR Selection.
  • The Target Power Factor can be set as per customer requirement.
  • Zero Voltage switching through Thyristor to limit switching surges.
  • Discharge resistance on Individual Capacitor.
  • Stage on LED Indicator.
  • Power & Control wiring with Copper multi strand ISI wire.
  • Working temperature up to 55°C.
  • Cable Entry at the Bottom (Top Optional).
  • Indoor/Outdoor Installation as per customer requirement.
  • Additional savings on account of
    - Reduced KVAH/MD charges.
    - No Penalty/ Surcharge due to lower Power Factor
    - Incentives for higher Power Factor
    - Enhanced life of Transformers, Motors, Switch Gears, Conductors, etc.

Anti-Harmonic Detuned Reactors

In a practical network, XL is contributed by the transformers and line inductances and XC is contributed by the PF capacitors. Hence for any industry with power factor correction capacitors installed, there is a possibility of resonance, due to one of the following reasons :

Parallel resonance within a given electrical system, involving internally generated harmonics and resonance between local capacitors and the predominantly inductive supply (transformers) Series resonance between external harmonics (in the supply system and capacitors within electrical system) Interactive resonance between different harmonics filters within a given electrical network. Addition of etuned ractors (in series to capacitors) forcefully shifts the resonant frequency to a safer level.

Range :

  • Effective Reactor output 5 kVAr to 100 kVAr
  • Available in : Copper & Aluminum of wide range
  • Detuning Factor : 5.67%, and 7%
  • Rated Voltage : 440 V
  • Linearity 173% to 200% of In

Features :

  • Minimum losses and noise level
  • High Power overloading capacity
  • Light in weight in Aluminum type winding
  • Safety point of view - Temperature rise switch
Anti-Harmonic Detuned Reactor

Box / Cylindrical Capacitors

Box / Cylindrical Capacitors

Features :

  • Operated at high temperature.
  • Highest nursh current with standing capacity.
  • Epoxy moulded bushigs, leakage is avoided.
  • Best suitable design in supertropical countries like india.
  • Life expectance 2,50,000 hours.

Application :

  • Fixed & Automatic P.F. Correction
  • Tunned & Detuned Filters
  • It is recommended to use at extreme high temperature environment like Foundries & Steel Industries.

Load Banks

We producing wide range of Load Banks that we offer to the clients is specifically manufactured using high grade electronic components, which we source from eminent vendors. Specially used to provide braking effect or for heat dissipation, these load banks are appreciated and demanded for their outstanding performance, precision designs, corrosion resistant finish, reliability, durability and other distinctive characteristics.  We bring forth highly accurate range of Load Banks.

Load Banks

Thyristor Switch Modules (TSM) for RTPFC

Thyristor switching module is designed to use for Real-time power factor correction. It consist Thyristor power stack TSM –2 no Thyristors mounted on suitable heat sink.  TSM is a microcontroller based design which generates trigger pulse to TPS and ensures the zero voltage switching of thyristor to achieve the transient free operation. TSM is common for all rating thyristor capacitor switching module and TSM varies according to the capacitor bank kVAR rating.

Range :

  • Rapid Response to Power Factor Correction
  • Stage KVAr – 5 kVAR to 100 kVAR
  • Suitable for real-time capacitor switching
  • Available in 1800, 2200 PIV
  • Two-leg control, thyristors - SEMIKRON make
  • Most advanced thyristor firing card with MOVs
  • Compact and heat efficient design
  • LED indication : ON/OFF/Supply ON/Signal ON
  • Auto Fan operation : 55° C
  • Ambient Temperature : 45° C
  • Over temperature protection : thermal cut-off switch
  • Supply voltage : 230 Vac, Control voltage : 24/12 Vdc
  • Cooling : Natural/Forced
  • Easy to install and maintenance free